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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Resumes and Winery Marketing--not that much different

Yes indeedy, wine industry recruiting is seasonal. Got a new slew of requirements to work on, and plenty of work to keep me busy.

As I slog through my resumes this morning, I noticed how some resumes tell a good story about someone's career, and others leave me wondering. When I started thinking about it, it reminded me about recent wine industry events I've attended. Several meetings have called attention to the need for wineries to tell a compelling story, and then weave that story through their marketing materials, their branding, and sometimes most importantly, into their label. When you see that dancing coyote on the bottle, it makes you wonder what the brand is about, and then you read the marketing material and have a sense of the winery. And if all gels, you buy the wine, often.

Looking at resumes I sometimes become that Cranky Recruiter. Please, not another objective statement to overlook. But when I see a great resume, I totally understand the person's career history and motivation for looking for a new job. I see their career progression, and possibly career tangents, but understand where they have been and where they want to go. That resume conveys their personal brand, and quickly tunes me into roles they would excel in.

Generic resumes leave me wondering what they really want to do, and why they are contacting me.

So take the time to weave that personal story into your resume. While there most likely won't be a crazy critter on your resume, your personality may just make me call you, often.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Consultants: Branding Yourself

When you decide it is time to start your consulting business there are several things you need to put in place in order to brand and market yourself. Here are a few items to put in place to make sure your potential clients know you are offering your expertise for hire.

1. Be Findable: If you are out on your own now, the only way you can get consulting opportunities is if people can find you. This can be as simple as making sure your information is in various address books online. Google yourself and see what comes up. If the only way to find you is by paying a private detective or online service, many people will see who else might be available with similar credentials.
2. Tell People: Yes, this is networking. Tell your friends, family and colleagues that you are consulting on projects now. Make sure you let them know what types of projects you are looking for and what you have going on . This is also a good time to reach out to some of us recruiters to let us know in case we hear of any opportunities.
3. Make a consulting resume. Put your expertise down on paper, including relevant experience in a form like a resume. It can be more specific for the area you are planning to consult in, but it should give a good outline of your background. You can include projects you have worked on and clients you have worked with, and specific solutions you have brought to companies.
4. Have a business card. Put your name, company name if you have one, and all of your contact information on a card and have them ready for potential clients. You can get cards made up online quickly and inexpensively. I'll put my plug in for FedEx Kinko's who has always done a great job with my previous corporate and now WineTalent printing.
5. Put together a website or webpage so that people can find you even easier. There are many sites that can help you put together a simple web page that will let potential clients know you are in business. I have had good luck with and My current website was redesigned this year and S King Design did a wonderful job.
6. Get involved in industry functions. Getting out there and mingling with old contacts and getting your company listed in trade publications is important. If you can provide presentations or topic specific information your name can be put forward as an expert on industry meeting literature. This will also make you easier to find on internet searches as well.

Good Luck with your consulting business, and I look forward to hearing from you.