Thursday, December 28, 2006

Getting Ready for 2007--Jobs, Office and Career

Okay, first ever blog entry, let's try this out for a test drive.

Let me introduce myself. I am a recruiter in the wine industry. My company, WineTalent, provides search services for clients throughout California. I have been placing professionals in various technical positions for the last twelve years, and for the last two I've been doing it on my own, and solely in the wine industry.

Having worked with entry level and C-level candidates I have dealt with a wide variety of issues, skill sets and opportunities. This blog is a forum to share some career advice, answer questions you might have, and help job seekers and hiring managers from making future mistakes. I'm also able to help people who are looking to make a career change into the wine world.

I'm winding down business for 2006, going through old files, reconnecting with some long lost friends, and getting things, like this blog, set up for next year. Here's some year-end things I always get accomplished before December 31st.
  • Get all expenses in and accounted for
  • Finalize any Accounts Receivable issues and generate plans for next year
  • Categorize candidate and client folders
  • Review Goal List from current year
  • Make a Goal List for the following year

Reviewing my goal list is always very rewarding. This past year my business has increased 4-fold and I've been able to strengthen some relationships from the last 12 years. With most of my targets in place, I've got a big one to keep up with--this blog. My top two New Year's Resolutions are to have a stronger website presence and to have a visited and used blog. I've been working up a list of blog topics which I'll start posting on December 31st.

My question to you dear blog reader is, What career or business New Year's Resolutions do you have?

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