Friday, September 14, 2007

Being Promotable

All too often I get calls from people who feel underappreciated at their employer. While many times this is very true, managing your own promotability will help you both at your present employer and at future jobs. Here are some tips to make you a most valued employee.
-Keep up with Industry trends and technology: Know what's going on in your field and the technologies available to help improve efficiencies and market position
-Stay Marketable: Attend industry classes and seminars. Volunteering for new projects will help you participate in company initiatives and put you in front of new colleagues who may be useful in future positions. Keep an up to date resume handy in case you find out about a company opening—you want to be ready in case a application deadline is days away.
-Become an industry expert: Joining industry associations and attending events will increase your presence in the wine world. Reading up on industry issues will make you a resource for your co-workers. When a discussion comes up at work about something that was dealt with at a recent meeting you will be able to bring outside insight to your company's problem.
-Be proactive: As a recruiter I always had posted "Ask for the order". It's the same with your employer—let them know you are interested in new responsibilities and are ready to make the next step.
-Find a mentor: Mentors are a very helpful ally in your career. Finding an internal mentor at your employer can help you navigate office politics and gives you someone else who is keeping an eye out for possible career advancement opportunities.
-Build a relationship with your boss. Many times working on your interactions with your boss can reap huge dividends. If your boss starts feeling that you are an asset to your company, and also that you are highly valuable to the group, she will be more likely to keep you engaged and put you on new projects. This will allow you to add new items to your resume and keep you highly promotable.
-Dress for the position. I can never say this enough. If you want to step up the company ladder, make sure you are dressing the part. Too often I have seen A+ candidates who technically are ready for a step up, but dress like college students. Although dressing for success may not be comfortable for you, looking the part makes your supervisors and peers take you more serious. This puts you a step ahead of your competition and outside candidates.
- And most importantly, do a good job. Without proving to be a worthy employee, no grooming or industry insight will move you up.

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