Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Waterslides and WineTalent

Yesterday I was off the job, handling kid duty at the local water park. Every year for the last four years my kids have been on the local recreational swim team, and there is an annual trip to the waterslides. It is always a blast, and a great time to spend with the kids, other swimmers and their families. But it is also a great indicator of the state of business for WineTalent.

My first year of going to the waterpark was also the fledgling year for WineTalent. I was working on several harvest placements for wineries, and learning the ropes of having my own company. That year I remember having to negotiate a deal in the parking lot of the waterslide--and that person started two weeks later and worked a winery harvest.

It is suprising how productive my waterpark day can be. I've made new client contracts while working remotely (which in this case means at a far corner of the waterpark where the kid noise is less), set up interviews, and conducted references for potential candidates.

Yesterday I was thinking about this early in the morning, and wanted to find out what the day had in store for WineTalent. I was pleasantly surprised to have a very robust day of business. People were interviewing, several references were following up with me, and a few new clients were finalizing details.

So while I did take a day off work, work didn't cease. And it was a great opportunity to survey my business. I wonder where I'll be with WineTalent next year--can't wait to get on that waterslide and find out.

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