Monday, August 18, 2008

Ode to George Carlin

I'm currently on my annual Midwest vacation. I was going thru my "to blog" file while packing up, and came across several articles about Robert Mondavi's recent passing. I put that in my suitcase. I also threw in my recent software upgrades that I planned to work on during my downtime. Finishing up several placements, I have all the notepads with vital information that needs to be input into my database. Wine books, magazines, and some personal reading went into the suitcase. Include my clothes and sundries, I had so much stuff to bring along that I thought about George Carlin. I always loved his rant on stuff; traveling, moving and having stuff all across the globe. As I unpack my stuff I get a chuckle, and miss George Carlin's contribution to my life, as well as Robert Mondavi's impact on the wine industry. More on the latter in a subsequent email.


Douglas Trapasso said...

Hi Amy! Where in the Midwest are you visiting? Any chance you will come to Chicago? (That's where I live!)

Douglas aka Chicago Pinot

Amy said...

Hope all is well with you. I'm getting ready to fly back to California today--maybe we can meet up next time I'm out. I should stop by your shop!