Thursday, April 16, 2009

Don't Call Me on a Friday After Tying One On

While many people get into the wine industry for the love of wine, handling yourself professionally is always a top priority. There are many situations that call for winery personnel to drink wine while working. As in any workplace, handling your liquor well is extremely important. This is true when conducting your job search too.

I regularly will get phone calls from job seekers on Friday afternoon. Most of the time these calls are normal, but sometimes they tell me far more than I should ever know about the candidate. When a person calls me and their words are slurred or they have trouble consistently staying on topic it sends up a red flag. Does this person possibly have a drinking problem? If they do, wouldn't it affect their work performance at a client that I place them at?

Over the years I have had clients look for signs of alcohol abuse during interviews. They look at a person's physique to look for signs of long-term alcoholism. They may have them join in a tasting to see how they handle themselves in front of a large selection of wine. They also may arrange calls in to them after hours to see how they handle themselves.

Think about this when you are conducting a job search. The wine industry thrives on people enjoying a glass of wine. It has never been a negative mark to hear someone sitting down to dinner with a glass of wine. Downing the whole bottle personally while at a lunch interview is another matter.

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