Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Annonymously Posted: What your grammar!

A few posts back I asked for your patience with my comment moderation now that I've "hit the big time" with my blog. This really just means that I get lots of spam comments for new posts. I have some software that's helping cut through the obnoxious comments, but a few still get by. I quickly glance through them to make sure they are not real comments. One thing that gives them away the quickest is the terrible grammar. And here's why I am bringing it up on a career advice post. When you are communicating with a potential employer, or recruiter, take the time to proofread your missives.

Glancing through a few recently, I was asked to help people find real estate, home loans, romance and lost bank accounts. In every single one of these messages there was atrocious spelling and grammatical errors. A few seemed to be possible real comments, but then upon reading them closer, they were also spam.

So why do you need to know this. Well, wouldn't you want me to carefully review your email instead of chalking it up as spam. There is only one click of the mouse separating your message from reply or delete, save or trash, you get the idea. Even if you are not writing a professional cover letter or resume, think about putting time into reviewing your messages. That attention, or inattention to detail could be telling me something.


Amy said...

Oh, and lots of prescription drug offers come over the wire too--forgot about the great deals offered there thru the comments.

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Oh, and the typo in my title made me laugh but it seemed apropos for the topic.