Thursday, July 29, 2010

Interviewing, In all Shapes and Forms

Last week I was interviewed on WineBizRadio. Prior to my on-air moment, I was running through some potential questions and answers so that I'd be ready for anything, and could talk intelligently. My family threw out some easy ones, and a few tough questions. It was good to get some ideas about what WineTalent does, how I perform searches, and what the status of the wine industry is. There were a few fun questions, and also some that I bombed out on. When it came time to be interviewed by those fact-finding radio personalities, I felt confident that I could hold my own.

Being interviewed got me thinking about what it is like to prepare for a job interview. I think it is very important to get your "game face on". Find out all you can about the company you will be talking to, who you are interviewing with, and the job itself. Google those interviewers, read everything you can about the company on the web, and read over the job description. If you can talk to colleagues who know the company, do so and find out insights about the job, why they are hiring, and future opportunities.

Recently I was placing a sales and marketing person for a newer winery. Many of the candidates went out and bought the wines, tasted them, and formed their own ideas about the wines. While this is often not considered research, for this position it was very insightful for the candidates, and allowed them to understand the position and future capabilities of the winery. While this might be odd outside of the wine industry, it isn't a bad gig for those in it!

So do a mock interview before you sit down in front of the interviewers. Your family and friends questions can help put you at ease when it is the real deal at your potential employer. Oh, and if you do try the wines, go easy on them so you are at the top of your game come interview time.

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