Friday, November 12, 2010

Where in the Wine World is WineTalent

Had a great day out and about in wine country. Many of the wineries are getting ready for First Sip, the area's wine weekend being held this Saturday and Sunday. Stopping at several wineries today, I saw familiar faces and made new acquaintances. I stopped by this winery today. With a family heritage that is now part of the largest winery companies, this winery was started back in the early 1900's. What a sight to see today--quite an impressive winemaking operation. Where in the wine world am I?

Update: Here's another image from the barrel room--a small corner of it.


Anonymous said...


Amy said...

Exactly--Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi. Lodi is having a big wine weekend--try to go if you can.

Chuck McElroy IV said...

Wow. This looks more like an oil refinery. I would have never guessed! But I would love to go to Lodi someday.... It's my generation's Napa!

Amy said...

I am always impressed with the engineering feats that go into wine production. This is a beautiful facility--that makes a lot of good wine.

Mike said...

Just think of the time and effort put into managing a barrel program at a facility this large. Many winemakers would argue that producing 10,000 cases of nice $10 bottle of wine is more difficult than producing 100 cases of stunning $100 wine.