Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where in the Wine World is WineTalent

Had a wonderful weekend along the sunny coast of California. Interviewed a lot of people downtown by the rail road tracks, then headed up the coast a couple of miles for a company picnic at the state park. Lots of tide pools, beautiful beach and a gentle breeze. Where am I?


Stephen Beaumont said...

Wherever you are it is a LOT better than being in Wisconsin where it snowed again today! I am heading west on Friday on a road trip across the States and will be in CA beginning of May. This photo makes me all the more certain that I want to relocate to the west coast!

Amy said...

I hope you enjoy your trip out here. I am in Santa Cruz at Natural Bridges State Park. It was a beautiful day--65 degrees and a light wind. Doesn't happen everyday on the coast, but we lucked out.