Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog: The Status of Women and Wine

Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog: The Status of Women and Wine

Yesterday Tom Wark had a great post about women in the wine industry, and a comment about Augusta National's stand on women members; IBM's CEO in particular.  While you may not have been following the situation, it has been an interesting scenario.  Augusta National holds the Masters tournament every year, and IBM has been a major supporter for several years.  The new IBM CEO is a woman, and a golfer.  In the past, Augusta National has extended a membership to the IBM CEO.  But so far, not this time.  Augusta National does not allow women to be members.  I was obliquely following this during the Masters, and really just in regards to what the outcome would be for Virginia Rometty, IBM's current CEO.  As far as I know, no membership has been given to her.  (For a brief overview of the issue, take a look at this WSJ article)

In Tom Wark's post, he profiles some of the major women in wine.  First and foremost is Michaela Rodeno, who is the former CEO of St. Supery Winery.  Tom also talked to several other notable women, giving their thoughts about gender's impact in their wine career.  There was a lively discussion after, with many people weighing in.  Women for Winesense is also discussed, as it should have been.

I think Tom's post is very interesting, and brings up a lot of the issues women and men have shared with me over the years.  I do consider myself a proud member of this gender and industry specific group, and hope the wine industry is welcoming to women.  As Tom mentioned, the population of the wine industry is not as diverse as many of our communities.  Michaela also mentioned the finding that more diverse workplaces have been more adept at navigating through the recent economic recession.

I'm not getting on my soapbox today.  Too much to do right here in the trenches.  But I did enjoy the post, and hope it is interesting for you.  And for some thoughts from some of these women and some men in the wine industry, take a look at my profiles of some of its success stories.  Michaela, Margrit Mondavi and Harvey Posert so far, plenty more to come.   

Viva la Difference!

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