Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Does it Matter what School you go To?

As another son of mine starts up his Junior year in high school, thoughts turn to college applications, tuition and test scores.  A lot of hard work will decide where you get accepted--but do enough people think about the earning potential they will have after graduation.  I don't think so.  So, fearless student who wants your hard work to pay off, take a look at the scores of the top 100 California colleges.  This link shows the earnings of graduates 10 years after graduation.   Below is the infographic--with some wonky formatting--the link might be better to use with the mapping feature.

Also, for even more information about how schools stack up on cost to attend, graduation rates, and earning potential of graduates, the Department of Education site has excellent data.  Check it out here: 

And yes, I am encouraging everyone I know to check out the California Maritime Academy, as well as CalTech.  Glad to see UCD ranked 17th.  Go Aggies!

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