Sunday, January 21, 2007


My new life in the blogosphere has been quite interesting. Researching other blogs, looking at myspace and youtube sites to view possible community groups and logging onto other websites has opened my eyes to the great amount of personal interaction and information the internet has.

Back in 1999 I worked placing IT professionals. This was when personal websites were just beginning to pop-up, and the IT guys were quick to build their own site. These sites would be listed on their resumes, and they encouraged me to view their page. It must have been the rare recruiter who viewed a webpage--but something that told a lot about the candidate. Sometimes it told too much.

When you are job hunter take a good look at what the web has to say about you. Make sure any personal websites are politically correct and keep you in a positive light. If you have a myspace or similar profile, keep your friends, photos and postings confidential. Recently NPR did a piece about job hunters who have used video resumes to both help and to hurt their search. Another Wall Street Journal article talked about how careful people should be about their information.

Check out these articles at:
Wall Street Journal, subscription required: article appeared on 1/2/07 in the marketplace section

And check yourself out online--before someone else does.

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