Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Do One Thing Everyday That Scares You

From Baz Luhrman's song "Sunscreen" he advises the class of '97 to Wear Sunscreen. With global warming, this is a great bit of advice. Another piece of advice he relates is to "Do one thing everyday that scares you". For the complete song, click here:


I've just finished up my PowerPoint presentation for the upcoming Vineyard and Winery Management Seminar for Managing the Winery Laboratory. Why am I presenting at a laboratory meeting. Because I secretly love public speaking and know that seminars are in need of industry specialists. My presentation deals with employment law for lab managers, and hopefully will be a bit more fun than a law seminar. I'm already getting butterflies in my stomach, imagining the room I'll be presenting in, thinking about where I might mess up---and the meeting is 3 weeks away.

Why do I do something that scares me? Because I need to push myself constantly to try new things, ask the delicate questions that need to be asked, introduce myself to a new company or call an industry heavyweight. From my past experiences, going that extra distance and pushing the envelope has paid off. I've had great life experiences, found out the true reason behind a looming issue, met new clients and learned from some great wine insiders. If I hadn't done something that scared me, I'd most likely be sitting in a cubicle somewhere in a job I hated.

So, my advice to you, class of 2007 is to Wear Sunscreen--and a hat if you're out in the sun for a long time. And do something everyday that scares you. The initial fright is well worth the pay off.

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