Thursday, July 2, 2020

Word of the Day: Unsparing

Loving new vocabulary, whenever a word comes up that I'm not sure the definition of, I look it up.  This morning I was reading a headline about the CEO of the pharmaceutical company in the forefront of developing a Coronavirus vaccine.  He was called "unsparing".  I don't know what that means if you are a CEO. 

Looking that up, Merriam-Webster had two definitions:
1:  not merciful or forbearing:  HARD, RUTHLESS
  an unsparing satire
  an unsparing critic
2.  not frugal:  LIBERAL, PROFUSE
  unsparing generosity

The synonyms didn't shed light on what this CEO must be like either:
  • bighearted
  • bounteous
  • bountiful
  • charitable
  • free
  • freehanded
  • freehearted
  • fulsome
  • generous
  • liberal
  • munificent
  • open
  • openhanded
  • unselfish
  • unstinting

  • Using unsparing in a sentence didn't help me figure it out either:
    "neighbors were unsparing in their charity when a local family was rendered homeless in a fire"
    "unsparing in his criticism of the welfare state"

    So, while I'm still perplexed about how someone can be hard and ruthless while also being liberal and profuse, the article was interesting.  I'm hoping my unsparing CEO will get the vaccine.  Godspeed!

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