Monday, March 27, 2017

Book Review: Money on the Table by Melissa Greenwell

This winter I read "Money on the Table:  How to Increase Profits Through Gender-Balanced Leadership" by Melissa Greenwell.  Ms. Greenwell is promoting more gender balance in corporate boardrooms, in executive leadership and in management positions to reflect the population and to increase diversity of thought and experience at the upper levels of companies.

Ms. Greenwell is herself an executive level business professional.  She has worked her way up through several different large and small companies.  She has witnessed gender inequities and had to push hard to make herself part of the leadership board.  

As a woman in top roles, she has also seen how more gender balance at the top allows more diverse thinking and problem solving than occurs at companies that are out of balance.  

Yes, most companies, boardrooms and management ranks continue to be male dominated.  Ms. Greenwell cites case studies and uses good statistics to lead the charge for more women at the top.  Of course if there are men at the top of the organization, Ms. Greenwell needs to write to her audience.  Her writing style is easy to follow and gives both strong statistics to support her argument and anecdotes to promote her cause.  

Money on the Table does promote gender balance as a tool to be financially and managerially competitive in today's global economy.  This book is a great one to review as companies are planning their governing boards, determining their executive team and filling their management ranks.  Attention to gender balance is always important when you are placing the right people for the job.  

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