Thursday, March 26, 2020

Help for Employers and Employees Affected by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is having significant impacts on companies and employees throughout the US.  If you are dealing with this right now, there is help for employers and employees. 

State and federal governments are stepping up to the plate to assist businesses and employees facing financial difficulties in light of COVID-19.  Here are some links to helpful information:

For Employees:

California’s Employment Development Department has posted information on how to apply for online unemployment benefits and tips for securing such benefits due to a child’s school closure or other COVID-19 issue:

Here is the link:

For Employers:  

President Trump just signed the Families First Corona Virus Relief Act.  The Act provides paid emergency sick leave for employees out of work due to the virus.  It entitles businesses to seek full reimbursement for such payments.  Here are helpful links on the paid emergency leave program:

From the Department of Labor:

From the IRS: 

Special thanks go to Barbara Cotter, Partner at Cook Brown LLP law firm for keeping us up to date.  As Cook Brown says, "Let's Keep the Workplace Working"

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