Monday, May 19, 2008

Managing Your Job Search

I've been working on several job orders, some that have filled quickly, and others that have been in the works for months now. I have been working with candidates who are experienced in the job search and those who aren't. Thinking about the job search from the candidates perspective, here are some things to do to keep you moving forward in the job search process.

-Get your resume in order
-Get your references picked out, contact them, and have their current contact information at the ready
-Send your resume to open positions and follow up with a phone call
-Contact recruiters and let them know you are looking for a new opening
-Start networking with your colleagues
-If you are in the process of being put up for a position by a recruiter, follow up with them every few days. The people who keep contacting me are more likely to be put up for additional positions
-When you get an offer, keep your recruiter involved. Your recruiter helps navigate the offer process, and can find out information for you so you can make an educated decision. If you have questions, ask--that's what we're here for.
-Of course, as the recruiter, we always want you to take the job--but make a decision that will further your career--not just get you out of a bad situation today
-Once you start your new job--keep in contact with your recruiter. We like to know how you are doing at the new employer--and enjoy keeping the relationship alive
-And of course--do a good job--the best way to get a good job next time too!

Gotta run, lots of phone calls to return from candidates who are checking in on the status of their job search