Monday, October 6, 2014

Happy to Have Known Harvey Posert

Last week seemed to move along at glacial speed.  I heard from a close friend that Harvey Posert wasn't doing well and was in the hospital.  For the next several days I was eager to hear about improvements and reluctant to hear the news on Friday that he had passed away.  I am thrilled to have known Harvey and will miss his laughter and his funny anecdotes.

Early on in my efforts to get WineTalent going I was introduced to Harvey Posert by a good friend of his.   Harvey was happy to discuss my business goals and give me ideas.  While I did not adopt his slogan, "Talking Frog Recruiting" I did quickly learn anything I could from him.

At our first meeting he recommended that I expand from strictly technical recruiting in the wine industry to other roles.  He succinctly said, "You are an idiot if you don't also place sales and marketing folks."  If Harvey said don't be an idiot, you should have listened.  He was right and was very helpful in many plans for WineTalent.

Harvey had a quick wit and funny stories that brought points home.  He was a great mentor for me and would introduce me to people whenever it made sense to.  I can't count the number of relationships I have that were sparked by HP.

A few years ago I sat down with Harvey to discuss his career and posted it on this blog.  Here's a link to that interview.  Hope you enjoy it.  We will miss you and your lovely smile Harvey!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wine Business Monthly's 2014 Salary Survey

The new issue of Wine Business Monthly has the annual Salary Survey.  Click here for the October issue.  The article includes great information from my fellow recruiters, salary levels for various winery roles and the rates of salary increases that the industry is seeing this year.  Back to where we were before the Great Recession finally.  Check it out!  You may just see my smiling face somewhere along the way!

Also I was pleased to see some benefit information included this year.  Great information for employers to see what insurance options are available.