Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Certifications Make Sense in the Wine Industry

Frequently I get asked about what Certifications make sense for people in the wine industry. While I see a lot of different programs out there, I recently posed the question to my Facebook Friends. Here's the feedback I got.

WSET is a good foundation for Masters of Wine, which is a good background for writers or wine shop owners. The Master Sommelier certification is best for people working in restaurants and similar settings. As my FB friend wrote, the MS Certification is good so you can dance on a dining room floor, open all sizes of wine bottles, open a wine bottle with a saber, and talk the talk of food flavors, terroir and wine flavors.

As a sales person to restaurant and hotel client, the MS is appropriate in the fine dining world. It gives you a good working knowledge of wine, regions and service needs.

It looks like the WSET is a more rounded industry curriculum, while the MS is more specific for the restaurant wine professional.

Hope this is helpful. There are many wine education programs out there--if anyone has some feedback, I'd love to hear it.

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